Due to growth in the system, the City Board of Education approved the building of a new school. The school was completed on August 7, 1952, and was named in honor of Mr. Norman F. Smith, who for many years was Chairman of the City Board of Education and devoted his life to public education. Norman Smith Elementary has has seven principals since 1952. In 1991, the school was completely renovated and a new classroom wing was added. In 1996, with over fifty percent of its student population on free and reduced lunch, our school became a School-wide Title 1 school.
Today, there are classrooms for pre-kindergarten through fifth grades: 1 Pre-K, 6 Kindergarten, 6 First grades, 5 Second grades, 5 Third grades, 4 Fourth grades, and 4 Fifth grades. We also have a computer lab, media center, cafeteria, gymnasium, two math rooms, two reading rooms, a speech room, a CDC (Comprehensive Development Class) room, two Resource rooms (one doubles as a Gifted Room), a School Counselor office, a Centerstone office, and an Academic Coach office.